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Top 5 Betting Tips for India vs Pakistan Satta

India vs Pakistan is one of the greatest rivalries in sports and the last loss against Pakistan in the T20 Cricket World Cup weighs heavy on the mind of the Indian cricket team’s fans. But it is time for redemption? Can the ‘Men in Blue’ continue their hot form into this match?

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Going into the match, the Indian cricket team look like the favourites, they have been playing T20I cricket very well with series wins against England, West Indies, Sri Lanka and tie against South Africa. The odds for India beating Pakistan in the Asia Cup are: 1.53. A bet of ₹500 would return ₹765.

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The Pakistani team also has been playing T20 cricket well, beating West Indies and Bangladesh in 3 match series. Their only loss came against Australia. Coming into this match, they are the underdogs with the odds of Pakistan beating India in the Asia Cup being 2.50. A bet of ₹500 would return ₹1,250.

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Here are my Top 5 betting tips for the India vs Pakistan

Betting Tip 1: Dismissal #1

It doesn’t matter who is bowling first but placing a bet on the first dismissal is a great way to win a large amount. We all know that bowlers from both the teams are fantastic and can get the bowl to swing to get early wickets. My first betting tips for Ind vs Pak is betting on:

  • First Method of dismissal for the 1st innings to be ‘Bowled’ and ‘LBW’. The odds for getting bowled is 5.00 and LBW is 8.00. Both are high odds and if you are able to win you would cover your loss for losing the other mode of dismissal and make a good profit.
  • A bet of ₹500 for ‘Bowled’ would return ₹2,000. A bet of ₹500 for ‘LBW’ would return ₹4,000.

Betting Tip 2: Match Winner

This is one of the most common bets and safer ones in the match prediction. One of my most common betting tips is to bet on the underdog because you never know what happens in cricket and on top of that the last loss is still weighing heavy on India.

Pakistan of Pakistan beating India in the Asia Cup has odds of 2.50. A bet of ₹500 would return ₹1,250.

IND vs Pak
Tips for India vs Pakistan Satta

Betting Tip 3: Highest Run scorer

These can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Highest run scorer for the Team

Here the player does not have to be the best player overall only for the team, even if the team loses. The odds here are very high and you can bet on any of frontline batsman that you think are going to be the best. Historically Virat Kohli has been the best scorer for India against Pakistan. Similarly for Pakistan the red hot form of Babar Azam indicates that he might be the best for his team. Kohli would have odds for at least 5.00 and Babar 3.00. You can bet on any and as many players from both the team.

  1. Highest run scorer overall

This one has higher odds as the batsman has to outperform the best batsman of the other team too. The same rules are applied here as the ones for the highest scorer of the team. Here the odds would be higher than at least 2.00 for each player. You will get the latest India vs Pakistan highest run scorer odds 30 minutes before the match.

Betting Tip 4: Individual total 6s

This is also one of my favourite bets to make when I bet on cricket. The premise is that you have to bet if a player will score over or under minimum 0.5 6s in the game. For example:

  • Odds for Mohammed Rizwan to over5 6s would be 2.30 and for under 0.5 would be 1.60.

Over 0.5 6s means that he would score at least one shot where he would get 6 runs and you are betting that he will. Knowing how explosive batsman such as Mohammed Rizwan, Babar Azam, Rohit Sharma and Surya Kumar Yadav are this would be a great way to make a large profit.

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Betting Tip 5: Player of the match

Receiving player of the match trophy in a match such as India vs Pakistan is a big feat. The last player to win it was Shaheen Afridi but this year he is not playing and would have been the favorites to win it again.

This bet is best placed just before the match as the odds are highest at that time. My betting tip here would be make small bets of ₹200 on 5 players. The winnings of these are so high that you would make a big profit and cover your loss. The odds are of minimum 8.00 which means that you would make at least 8 times your bet.

So these are my top 5 betting tips for the Asia Cup Match between India and Pakistan. Overtime I have bet on many different things during my online betting journey and for a match of this calibre I feel that this tips are the best and most fit. The high voltage match would have a lot of surprises and hopefully be a great match for the viewers. Hope you enjoy my free betting tips and you can look forward for my latest match prediction before the match.

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