Pro Kabaddi League has changed the image of the sport in India

Since its inception in 2014, the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) is one of the most respected sports leagues in India. In fact, the first season of PKL has managed more than 2.3 billion impressions on social media and reached a total of 435 million viewers worldwide.

The league’s success was further strengthened by the fact that Star India bought a 74% stake in PKL organizers Mashal Sports in 2015 and joined the league directly. Although PKL went through a minor breakdown in season 6 with a drop in views, it picked up in season 7 and continues to grow. From a betting perspective, after IPL, PKL betting is considered to be the most popular.

Kabaddi was quite different before PKL. The scoring of the game was usually very slow, and it certainly lacked glamor. That all changed when PKL started. The organizers changed the rule a bit and bought the much-needed glitter that brought together Bollywood stars, craftsmen, and other athletes as owners of the team.

Introduction of “do or die raid” – a raid in which the rider must score points after two consecutive empty races with a hook or crook, and a “super tackle” where the defending party receives two points if he successfully defeats the rider. When there are only two defenders on the field, it has made a huge contribution to making the sport exciting.

This, along with air-conditioned venues, laser shows, and music that welcomes fans, has further increased interest in the league among fans. In addition, the multi-camera telecast system, which presented the match from all possible angles, made the viewing experience for fans watching from home even better. As online casinos in India which provide you games like online teen Patti to bet are among the best way to earn money.

Celebrities like Abhishek Bachchan, who owns a team, and the legendary Amitabh Bachchan, who adorned the venue of the match, only added to the exciting Kabaddi action that the world’s best players are showcasing. The marketing genius made by Star India was just icing on the cake. Like PSL Betting, PKL has also get given the chance to punters to bet and try their luck.

The term “Le Panga,” which means to turn the fight, has become not only synonymous with the Pro Kabaddi League but has also picked up among the country’s teenagers, who have spoken it from time to time. Most of the Kabaddi betting sites in India have given chance to many punters to big amounts of money.

In addition, the celebration of “threshing” has become somewhat cult in the country. The celebration was first seen in the PKL and has become a regular holiday routine for Shikhar Dhawan, one of India’s most popular cricketers. In addition, terms like “dubki”, “toe touch” and others have entered the household.

The Pro Kabaddi League has certainly changed the face of Indian Kabaddi from sports fighting for recognition in a country where they are believed to have been invented to one of the most-watched sports leagues.