Role of IPL in promoting Online Betting

Role of IPL in promoting Online Betting

India’s only secular religion cricket is now famous across the whole nation people not only watch cricket but they also adore the cricketers, the main reason behind this mass popularity is IPL. The Indian Premier League is the most famous domestic t20 league in the world, started in 2008 the series has touched all the heights of popularity, it is so famous and profit making that even in the pandemic it didn’t get cancelled, the tournament was played in UAE at Bio Bubble venues.

Indian Premier League is responsible for the commercialization of cricket in India. Many corporates are indulged in IPL as it is good profit making venture for them. The Indian Premier league has also provided new talents a good chance for getting selected in the national team. Players like Ishan Kishan, Varun Chakravarthy and many more got the chance to represent the Nation because of IPL.

Well Indian Premier League is also responsible for substantial rise in Online Cricket Betting. There was huge hike in the number of online punters. Online betting was increased after the huge success of IPL and now it has become world’s famous league in terms of online betting. People from all over the world place bets on Indian Premier League.

How IPL helped in promoting Online Cricket Betting?

  1. Introduction of new casinos in India – To bet online you need a place where you can play your wagers, because of the huge success of IPL many new-new online casinos entered Indian market because of high number of potential punters.

Today there are numerous casinos present in India that allow the Indian players to bet online on not only IPL but other leagues too.

  1. Rise in number of players – Because of IPL’s immense popularity people in the country started to understand about the game, teams, players. After understanding the game properly people seem to be more interesting in online cricket betting more than before.
  2. Best money making league – Indian Premier League has turned out to be very famous since the first season, because of its popularity many online casinos provide a large amount of bonuses and offers that attracts large amount of players in India.
  3. Unpredictable matches – IPL is the main reason behind so many domestic leagues BBL, BPL and many more all over the world. We know the matches in Indian Premier League are totally unpredictable the matches can change in a single ball, because of this the online casinos jumped into Indian market as it is a good opportunity for them to earn more profit.

How IPL helped in kabaddi and online football betting

Indian Premier League not only helped in promoting online betting on Cricket but many other sports like Kabaddi Betting and football betting. Leagues like Pro Kabaddi League and Indian Super League were launched because of huge success of IPL. These series are getting famous in India in both viewership and online betting aspect.

People in India also started online betting on various foreign leagues because of IPL they got interested in other t20 leagues and eventually ended up in playing online betting on series outside the nation.


There are chances that online betting will rise more and more in India in the near future. According to the Public Gambling Act 1867, betting and gambling activities across the nation is strictly banned or prohibited, but because these casinos are not based in India and the laws for online betting are still vague you can bet easily.

Thus, online betting is safe you will not violate any law by placing bets on these online casinos. If the government unlatch the door of online cricket betting completely then there will be huge gain in revenues which can be used in better required places.

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