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Know About the Types Cricket Betting to Place Bet on IPL 2021

Below are the most popular cricket bets you can make. If you’re new, check out this complete list and look for ones that fit you well. If you’re a more advanced cricket bettor, we’ve probably listed a few below that you haven’t tried yet. After looking at this list, you can find something new in your cricket betting adventures.

Types of Cricket Betting

1. Match Betting

Match betting is counted in one of the most common IPL cricket betting. This is a simple bet as you only have to choose from three different results. Either he chooses if he thinks the home team wins, the away team wins, or if the match ends in a draw. Because of the simplicity of this bet, this type of cricket bet is extremely popular in the betting crowd.

• Easy and Simple
• Choose from three different results (Win, Lose or Tie)
• Most popular cricket betting

2. Completed Match

You can bet on one-day matches if you think the game will end that day or not. If you think the weather or other external factors may affect the end of the game that day, consider placing a bet that the match will not end. With this bet, you will only bet yes or no if the game ends on the scheduled day.

• Depends of circumstances (For example weather etc.)
• Rare form of bet
• Not as popular as other cricket bet.

3. Tied Match

Another simple cricket match bet is a tie match bet. In this bet, you will only bet yes or no if you think the match will end in a draw. If you make the right choice, you win the bet.

• Simplest form of bet
• Depends whether it is tie or not
• Less placed bet

4. Innings Runs

At this type of cricket bet, you have to correctly predict the number of runs will be scored in win in the first inning. In most sports betting, you will find this type of bet under overtime / bet. In this case, the sports bet will post a number of runs and will only bet if you believe that the actual number of runs exceeds or reaches the number displayed by the sports bet.

• Depends on runs in the first inning.
• Over/under bet
• Prediction of runs

 5. Top Bowler

If you want to bet on certain players, you can consider the best bowler bet. Here you can select the player you think will take the most wickets in a match or series. You decide which team on which team deserves this title. If you can pick correctly, you will get a nice pay-out from sports betting.

• Depends on bowler’s performance
• Players centric
• Popular form of cricket betting

6. Toss combination

If the winning toss bet above seems appealing to you, you may also like the toss combination bet. To make this bet, you must first choose which team will win the coin toss. However, there is a second component that you also need to decide.
Once you have selected the team you think will win the throw, you also need to decide whether you think you will choose the bowl or punch first. You must select both parts of the combination correctly to win the bet.

• You need to guess which team will win the coin toss
• Popular form of betting

7. Odd / Even runs

In this type of cricket betting, you choose to believe that a team’s total score for a match will be odd or even numbers. It is worth noting that a score of 0 counts as an even number at this bet. This bet has only two possible outcomes and it is a very simple bet.

• Choose team
• 0 counts as an even number in this bet
• There are only two outcomes

8. Most Runouts

Another simple cricket bet is the most run bets. Here you just have to decide which of the two teams will have the most runouts in a match or series.

• Easy to place bet
• Just count a total no. of runouts

9. The man of the match / the player of the series

It is extremely common in cricket to knock a single player as the person of the match or as a player in the series. With these two bets, you can choose which player gets the title. These bets are usually only available in larger markets, so you may not encounter them when betting on smaller market cricket matches.

• Very common form of betting
• Bets are usually only available in larger markets

10. Top Batsman

Another player specific bet like above is the best batsman bet. For this bet, you have to choose which player will score the most runs in a match or series. You can choose from any player on any team. Because this bet is harder to predict than simply choosing which team wins correctly, your payouts are often higher if you manage to make the right decision.

• Player specific bet
• Harder to predict
• Simple to bet

11. Team of Top Batsman

If you don’t want to pick the exact player who will be the best batsman, you have another option that makes it a little easier to control correctly. With the top batsman bet team, all you have to do is decide which team you think will be the best batsman come from.

• Easier to control correctly
• Best batsman prefers
• Winning this bet are much higher

12. Bowler Match Bets

If you are looking for a simpler version of the top bowling bet, check out the bowling match bets. With these bets, you only have to choose one of the two players. You have to predict which player will take the most wickets in a match or series.

• Depends on best bowlers
• Easy to bet

13. Batsman Match Bets

Just like betting, on a bowling match, batsman match betting makes it easy to participate in the best batsman betting. Here you can choose between two players. Just select the player who thinks you will get the most runs during the game for this type of bet.

• Depends on best betters
• Easy to bet

14. Tournament Outright Winner

Here you have to choose which team you think will rise above the others to win the championship. When you place a bet, the sports bet lists the lines for all the teams in the league. Just choose the team you think will win everything and hope for the best.

• Tough to Bet
• You have to place bet on one team
• Unpredictable form of bet

15. Series Winner

Instead of playing just one game, they often play multiple games in a row. With a series winning bet, you can choose which of the two teams will be the best at the end of the match series. Remember to choose the winner of the whole series, not just the individual matches.

• Choose one winner in whole series
• Place bet on multiple games

16. Over/Under Score

Another favorite version of cricket betting is the over / under bet. This bet begins with the sports bet announcing the total score that they think the team will have by the end of the match or series. It is your responsibility to decide if you think the team’s actual score will be above or below the number posted by the sportsbook.

• Have to guess score
• Favorite version of betting

17. Series Score

Another way to bet on a cricket series is to place a bet with the score of the series. Here you can bet on what the final total score of the series will be. Sports betting options include how many matches each team will win in the series. Just select the one you think will be the end result and wait to see if you chose it correctly.

• Popular form of cricket betting
• Bet with the score of the series

18. Method of Dismissal

If you bet on cricket live, check out the dismissal bet method. With this bet, you can decide how the racket will eventually be rejected. Most often, you can choose from the following possible outcomes: caught, run out, run out, LBW, stumbled, or other. All you have to do is select the one you think will be out and then hope you made the right choice!

• Tough to predict
• Most underrated form of bet

19. Win Toss

Here you just have to choose which of the two teams will win the coin toss at the beginning of the match. This is a fun way to bet on a coin translation, literally.

• Have to choose which of the two teams are going to win the toss
• Easy to Predict
• Chances of winning 50-50

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