Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket is one of the most popular sports. Fanatics can be found in almost every street and around every corner of the country chanting the name of their favorite player.

Cricket Betting In India

Sports fanatics live and breathe cricket, one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s no surprise that people are taking their love for cricket to other avenues and trying to bet on cricket and winning not only on their bets but also winning cash prizes and other prizes such as cars, international trips and iPhone on a regular basis!

There are tons of cricket betting sites that keep you entertained with a variety of cricket wager options. So, how do you pick the best betting site suitable for you? That’s where this guide to help you bet on cricket legally in India comes in!

Popular Cricket Betting Tournaments

You can bet on any cricket match in the world, weather Ranji Trophy games and the Vijay Hazare Tournament to India’s tours to England and Australia. Nevertheless, here are some of the most popular cricketing tournaments you need to watch out for which have the best bonus offers for Indian players.

1. IPL Betting Site

IPL is all the rage with Indian gamblers. The focus is on the nation as Indian teams represent their states and cities compete with one another in a fierce battle with only the best cricket players playing. During the IPL season in India is when wagering on this sport is the most active as some of the best IPL betting sites give mouth-watering bonuses to attract players and it is when players win the most and be very profitable!

2. ICC Betting Site

Who hasn’t heard of the ICC World Cup? All the big cricketing names join this World Championship, resulting in thrilling matches one after another! Be it the Test Championship, the 50 over World Cup or the T20 world cup, the best players from each country represent their nations in hope of winning the most prestigious prize.

During the ICC events, live cricket betting give amazing bonuses to attract players making the season often very profitable.

3. Ashes

Ashes represent the biggest clash between two of the biggest nations – England and Australia. Even if you do not belong to these countries, you are sure to get your money and time’s worth betting on the series. As Indians, it is the most exiting series for without our teams playing!

Best sites to bet on cricket from mobile:

If you’re an experienced bettor, you know the vital role that bonuses play. A generous bonus allows you to earn profits and place risky bets without staking your own money.

Is online cricket betting legal in India?

Yes, online cricket betting is legal in India with no national laws suggesting that it is not.
However, a few states in India have created laws against betting on cricket in India. Therefore, you can bet on cricket legally in India, unless you bet from a few states.
Legal Disclaimer: We are not experts on the law, neither do we practice law as lawyers or advocates. If you would like to get the right answer, please contact an attorney at law, we have done our best to explain in the most honest way.

Best Sites For Cricket In India

Here are some of the best cricket betting sites that we could find for Indian players.

Parimatch- Has Dale Steyn as their ambassador

Parimatch is one of the best to wager on cricket and one of the few legal betting sites in India. It offers easy payment methods as it is also one of the largest sportsbooks.

It recognizes the popularity and potential that the Indian bettors hold in them. After all, it all stems from the love they have for the sport. So, this platform strives to be one of the best sport betting sites in India, especially for cricket. It has a Welcome Bonus of 100% up to ₹8,000!

It ensures built-in safety and has a user-friendly interface so that even newer members can adapt quickly.

Betway- Best betting options for cricket

Betway might just be the most beginner-friendly to bet on cricket in India with Kevin Pietersen as their brand ambassador.

It offers a wide selection of cricket betting bonuses to make sure you have an exciting gambling experience. With a bonus of 100% up to ₹2,500 along with offers for free bets!

Betway’s special features are the reason it is the best online betting app in India. It’ll often extend offers and opportunities for you that will not only leave you in surprise but possibly profit too!

10CRIC- Best Bonus to bet on cricket

If there’s any leading cricket betting site with the best promotional offers for cricketing tournaments, it’s 10CRIC.

This one is a betting website in India that lets you bet on both local and international cricket matches with Chris Gayle as their ambassador!

Moreover, the bet options are wide open for both live and pre-match bets! With 10CRIC cricket, you’ll notice that the main focus is on the Indian players and has a Welcome Offer of 100% up to ₹10,000!.

ComeOn – Has Virendra Sehwag as their brand ambassador

It is one of the best legal cricket betting sites in India that are compatible with Indian payment methods. It too has a Welcome Offer of 100% up to ₹10,000 and has brilliant odds and betting options for Indian players.

That said, you might want to keep in mind that, like most online cricket betting apps in India, ComeOn has a high wagering requirement of ₹500.


It’s completely normal for betting sites to ask for documents for identity verification proof. If you choose a well-known site or app, they will always comply with the laws and regulations of your country.

The documents are used to ensure that real players own the accounts. It is also a measure to prevent any criminal activity, like money laundering and terrorist organization funding.

Several betting sites have introduced their apps, jam-packed with promotional offers and the usual excitement! As of now, Parimatch holds the title of the best online cricket betting app in India.

Its massive popularity is owing to its easy navigation, seamless but fun interface, and simple transaction methods.

Nonetheless, there are other cricket betting apps that you can give a try if Parimatch does not seem the right fit for you.

Yes, betting with Indian currency is certainly possible. Many sites cater to the Indian population and offer deposit methods in INR. Not every sportsbook will accept it, but some that do are Parimatch, 10CRIC, and Betway.

There are several gambling sites specifically for sporting events that provide detailed betting guides with cricket betting tips. You can use these to understand the different wager options before making actual bets.

Trustworthy sites make the betting process transparent and easy enough for both experienced and newbie gamblers. A 24/7 customer support team should be available to answer all your questions, along with a comprehensive set of FAQs.

Yes, you can! It is a smart strategy to create multiple accounts to try different bookies. This way, you can find out which one is most profitable. However, having multiple accounts on the same server can get you banned for life!

It depends from site to site. The withdrawal time can take anywhere from a few hours to 2-3 days!

How To Select The Best Site For Cricket

Finding the best online cricket betting apps requires extensive research, given the huge crowd of sites available. We’ve done the work for you by compiling the most reliable ones based on the characteristics listed below! Keep these online cricket betting tips in mind when you are doing your own research!
  • Competitive Betting Odds

You already know the crucial role that betting odds play when you place a bet. After all, it is the determining factor that measures how much profit and loss you make.

Now remember that the preparatory steps for online cricket betting apps are the same as investing in stock market or real estate. You cannot take a risk and let your luck decide whether something is your best bet or not. And if you feel that you have a chance of losing, you can always cash out your bet midway.

So, go for the sites with maximum betting odds. The best site will offer excellent cricket betting odds. Better the winning odds, the more likely you are to make big winnings! Our favourite site for this is ComeOn!

  • Various Cricket Markets

You should ensure the site offers multiple cricket betting view markets on the top-rated cricket tournaments. The currently trending tournaments on betting sites include IPL, ICC, and PSL Betting. We have found online sites in India that have some of the biggest collections of cricket games to bet on across the world.

So, do your homework and go for the sites that offer you plenty of options. Sites like ComeOn and Parimatch are best in this regard.

  • Sport betting bonus offer for Indian cricket punters

We have made a list of the best Welcome Bonus offers for cricket punters in India, with the most popular sites across the world with millions of players. Here too, among the best offers, you can chose which one is the best for you, we suggest the Welcome Bonus offer of ComeOn! They have a welcome offer ₹10,000 and has one of the best betting options for cricket. Along with that they also give signed bats and cricket equipment from the Indian legend – Virender Sehwag

Cricket Betting With INR

The deposit and withdrawal methods vary from site to site. For instant transactions, it will be easier for you to use a credit card or an e-wallet. It is very easy for Indian players to deposit cash on the sites and bet on cricket with Indian ruppes. You can create an account and deposit in under 2 minutes on sites like ComeOn

Some of the most common payment methods you will come across are PayTM, UPI, Netbanking, VISA, Mastercard, and so on.

Bet on cricket with Mobile

Most betting sites are also compatible with your smartphones. Since you’re already familiar with the technology, you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time familiarizing yourself with the interface and keep in mind that it is very easy to bet on cricket from mobile whether.

Many sites also come with dedicated apps so that you can make easy bets on the go. A few clicks and you are ready to make big winnings on these apps!

Best Bonuses for betting on cricket

The top sites like to provide gamblers with incentives like welcome bonuses and other promotional offers for those who want to wager on live cricket games. You will get more rewards such as cash prizes, cars and international trips that energize players for participating in exciting on-the-spot competitions!

Live Cricket Betting

The sites mentioned here provide stunning live streams of the tournament. You can do live cricket betting on sites that have features like live scorecards and play-by-play updates! This way, you get to feel the thrill of traditional betting from the comfort of your home.

Given the live updates, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can chance your stance whenever you like. This change comes at a price, but in most cases it is still better than losing a stupid amount of money.

In fact, it is one of the advantages that you have in live cricket betting as opposed to prematch betting.

Are you one of those people who do best under pressure with thrill and excitement? If the answer to that is a yes, then live cricket betting is the real deal for you!

Online Cricket Betting

Cricket is like a festival for Indians, when it comes to cricket the worshippers of the game can do anything for it, the live streamers can make millions by just streaming a single game of India VS Pak. The popularity of cricket in India is beyond par level. Cricket is not only famous among its fans but it is also the most famous betting sport in the world. If we talk about sports betting Cricket will always remain at the top.

Online Cricket betting is getting immense popularity in India nowadays the main reason behind it is the IPL, there are large number of cricket betting sites in the world that allows the Indian bettors to play legal bets on cricket tournaments.

If you are looking for best cricket betting sites or have any other queries related to cricket betting then you are the right place here you will find everything related to online cricket betting.

How to bet on cricket online?

Betting on cricket online is a nothing more than a piece of cake you can bet on so many things in minutes.  There are few steps which can help you in online cricket betting.

  1. Finding a good betting site – The first and most significant step is finding a good and reliable cricket betting site, which offers huge advantageous bonus and guarantees easy withdrawals of your winning amount.
  2. Registration process – After finding a convenient site your next task is to complete the registration procedures, you need to provide your details asked by the cricket betting site, the details vary from sites to site.
  3. Money Deposit – The next step is to deposit money in your account, there are variety of cash deposit methods available on these cricket betting sites you just have to choose from them. Some of the common used options are – Paytm, UPIs, Net Banking, and Credit/Debit Cards etc.
  4. Claiming Welcome Bonus – Another most important task is to claim your welcome bonus, most of the new users forget to claim the amazing welcome bonuses, remember every new user gets a certain amount of welcome bonus after depositing cash.
  5. Placing a bet – Now after claiming the bonus offered by cricket betting sites you have to place your wager, there are huge number of things available you have to just select one out of it and place your wager. (If you are a new to online cricket betting we suggest you to put small amount in the beginning).
  6. Withdrawals – Withdrawing your winning amount is very easy, you can use the same way for withdrawals which you used for depositing your money. It can be done in a minute or two.

Top Betting sites for online cricket betting

There are large number of online cricket betting sites that are available for cricket betting, if you get rid of your old sportsbook you can shift to the new one easily. We have made a customized list of the top betting sites you can choose any as per your preferences.

(Note: the list is made after good analysis of the sites)

  1. Rabona – It offers great match odds
  • Rabona offers mouthwatering bonus of up to ₹8,000.
  • It provides great match odds for various different tournaments.
  • There are variety of sports available for betting.
  • Easy to register you can register within 2 minutes.
  • Great customer help preface.
  1. 10Cric – offers great welcome bonus.
  • Best site for cricket betting.
  • Has great live match odds.
  • Welcome bonus of up to ₹10,000
  • You can also bet on various virtual sports.
  • Mobile Application (IOS, Android) is available for better and convenient use.
  1. 22Bet – easy deposit and withdrawals.
  • Provides advantageous welcome bonus of ₹10,000
  • Easy to go mobile application is available, you can use the mobile app for placing your bets easily.
  • It also offers betting on various virtual sports.
  • Match odds is another option to choose 22bet, it provides one of the best match odds.
  • The deposit and withdrawals are very easy, there are several payment options available like- Paytm, UPIs, and Net Banking etc.

Is Online Cricket Betting legal?

There’s a myth among the bettors of India that Online Cricket Betting on various cricket betting sites is legal or not? Well we are here to bust all the myths. Online Cricket Betting is 100% legal under the law however land betting on cricket is completely illegal.

You can place bets on these online sportsbook without any fear you are not violating any of the laws.

What is live Cricket betting?

The real fun of online betting is in live betting, the fluctuations in regular odds gives real thrill to bet. Live betting provides you more chances of winning, the odds in live betting changes in every single ball, so if you are one of the risk takers and want to play real exciting bets on live betting we will suggest you some of the best tournaments for live betting.

  1. Indian Premiere League – This series is the main reason behind the cricket betting popularity in India, various IPL betting sites were launched in India to promote betting on IPL. The Indian Premiere league is the most famous tournament among the Indian bettors. The tough competition in the series leads to a thrashing live betting odds in every single match.
  2. World Cup – The International Council of Cricket organize the world cup tournaments, world cup is also very famous for live betting, the best teams around the world participates in this tournament just like that punters from different nations bets on the tournament.
  3. Domestic Leagues – you can do live betting in various domestic leagues like the Syed Mushtaq Ali and Vijay Hazare these domestic league matches are also very famous for live betting. The same IPL betting sites can be used for betting on these tournaments.

Can I bet on a foreign league from India?

Betting on any famous foreign league is completely legal, just like IPL you can do future betting and live betting on these series. You can bet on series like Big Bash League, Lanka Premiere League and much more from these cricket betting sites easily.

Things to bet on

There are several exciting sections where you can place your bets, you just have to visit the cricket betting sites and choose the things where you want to place the bet.

  1. Match Winner – You all know about this basic betting section, here you have to predict the match winner and the money is all yours.
  2. Toss Winner – You can also choose the team who is going to win the toss, sometimes the odds for toss winner is much higher than the odds for the outright winner one.
  3. Highest Run Scorer – There are great odds available on cricket betting sites if you can predict the batsman who is likely to score the maximum runs in the match.
  4. Highest wicket taker – Same like the highest run scorer you can also place your wager on the bowler who is ought to take the highest number of wickets in a particular match.
  5. Batsman to hit highest number of boundaries – The batsman who you think can hit the highest number of boundaries can be a good betting option for you.
  6. Ball to Ball – The most exhilarating feature of live betting is ball to ball, you can place your wagers on the outcomes of the next ball during live matches. Almost every cricket betting site offers live betting.
  7. Future Bets – If you totally trust your prediction instincts you can play future bets, in these kind of bets you have to predict the winner of a particular tournament days before it starts.

Bet on Cricket using Paytm

Most of the bettors find difficulty in choosing the easiest and the best way of payments in online betting we suggest you to use Paytm as your permanent option. It is offered by most of the cricket betting sites, having good user interface you can do your transactions in a better and a safer way.

Wrap-up Summary

We guess all of your queries must have been answered in the above article. Online Cricket betting is achieving new heights in the Indian market, if you knowledge and good prediction skills, you can easily earn some good amount of money.

The Cricket betting sites have big cricket superstars as their brand ambassadors 10cric has Chris Gayle as their ambassador, these things assure that online cricket betting is completely legal and has great future in the Indian Subcontinent.