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Tennis Betting in India

With so many tennis follower, many people start placing bet on tennis online. In India, nowadays tennis betting is becoming a famous gambling route for Indians. We have compared websites that offer online tennis betting to help you choose the best bookmaker for tennis in India.

You can be sure that there are plenty of opportunities for online betting on tennis as a sport. You’ll find the best betting odds on tennis, the best selections and predictions, and more, so sign up with best online tennis betting site today! Create an account to learn more and start betting online on your favorite sports online from the comfort of your home.

There are so many top sports betting sites in India that offer excellent tennis betting opportunities. With tournaments like the Wimbledon and the Australian Open hosting the best tennis players in the world, betting on tennis is more exciting than ever.

Best sites for tennis betting:

Popular Tennis Betting Tournaments

With the best tennis players competing for greatness, here are some of the most-watched tournaments you can bet on.

Types of Tennis Betting

Match Betting

A match bet is when you bet on which player (or team, doubles) will win the match. You bet on the outcome of the match and win money in the bet if the team of your choice wins the match. These types of bets are made so easy that sports fans usually already have a favorite long before the match starts.

All you have to do is decide if you want to bet on the popular choice or go with the less famous players. You can also bet on different matches within the tournament, as a battery bet, which makes match betting more interesting, adventurous and profitable.

Outright Betting

This is a very broad betting category as it includes betting on the outcome of the entire tournament. Outright betting on the outcome of a tournament requires a high level of patience, but by its very nature it can also bring very high wins.

Handicap Betting

When it comes to tennis or any other sport, this is one of the most popular betting option. If a player is being played against another player and the pairing feels unequal, a handicap bet allows you to bet on a more equal and balanced market.

Correct Score Betting

Betting on how many sets each player / team wins is always more unpredictable, more likely and more rewarding. Within a given set, you can bet with your money on the final score within the series, but the chances are even higher in this case due to the increased difficulty.

Tennis in India

India has rolled out some of the best players in tennis history, including SaniaMirza, Leander Paes, and Mahesh Bhupathi, to name a few. These legendary Indian players are responsible for garnering attention to tennis in India.

Millions of Indians watch the world championships for tennis like the Grand Slam. With increasing interest in tennis, many of India’s best sports betting sites have started catering to the tennis crowd. You will find competing for tennis betting odds and promotions from top legal betting sites in India.


Many online tennis betting sites in India offer lucrative tennis bets and live tennis odds. But if we had to choose one which is overall the best platform of betting on tennis, then Betway is a clear winner.

All online tennis betting sites in India such as Betway offer several deposit methods for Indian players. Options like credit/debit cards, bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller, or even Paytm and PhonePe.

Online tennis betting sites such as ComeOn! offer welcome bonuses  of 100% up to ₹10,000 to attract new customers. So, if you’re new to tennis betting in India, then you can take advantage of these bonuses to get the hang of betting on tennis.

Almost all of the best sport betting sites in India offer live tennis betting features. You can find the best tennis live betting sites on Sportsbetpro!

While many betting website in India 22Bet offer live tennis odds, not many of them provide live tennis streaming and are some of the tennis betting sites that provide live match streaming.

All the top tennis betting sites in India have competing tennis betting odds. But some of the best odds are offered by Betway.

Virtual tennis tournaments are not as famous as the world championships for tennis. You can bet on virtual tennis on betting sites such as 22Bet

Best Tennis Betting Sites In India 2021

Here are some of the top websites to place Tennis bets in India.


This International betting website offers a large number of betting options to players. You get to enjoy easy payment methods, including UPI and Net banking and have access to excellent customer service on the platform.


This international betting platform is prevalent in India. It offers UPI payments, Net banking, Paytm, etc., making it easier for Indian users to place live bets on their favorite tennis matches.

How to Choose Online Site for Tennis Betting in India?

We at Sport Bet Pro, to take care of all your betting requirements at one place by providing comprehensive comparisons for different websites. In addition to getting great odds to bet on tennis online in India like, wimbledon tennis odds, wimbledon winner odds, you should look for the following benefits:

Security of money

As cybercrime grows with the growth of these betting sites, you need to be very careful about how you handle or take care of your money online. The secure payment methods on these sites ensure that you don’t have to worry about concerns like transaction failure or issues like where the money is going. They need to assure you that your money is safe in your account and that transactions are transparent and traceable. That way, you don’t have to worry about misusing your money and can easily focus on the game.

Multiple Payment Options

If you don’t have a payment card and still want to bet online on tennis? Not to woory! The best tennis betting site in India cannot limit your ability to pay and the ability to bet on tennis because of the method of payment. They usually offer multiple payment options and accept all kinds of payment methods. The various payment options include debit card, credit card, netbanking, Paysafe card, Neteller and many other e-wallets. You can choose from these payment options according to your convenience and convenience.

Engaging Graphics and UI

Anyone who has ever played on online betting sites knows exactly how frustrating it is with poor quality graphics and a difficult interface that takes forever to load. Graphics problems are big-time mood killers and ruin the feel and atmosphere of an online betting. In order for bets to provide a smooth and hassle-free experience, these sites need to ensure that the graphics are attractive and the interface is simple and easy to use.

Exceptional Variety of Bets

If you are a tennis fan and want to start betting on tennis online, you may want to diversify your tennis betting options in the future. These sites need to make sure you get as many online betting games as possible so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

Sport Bet Pro compares the best tennis betting sites in India and helps you choose the one that offers the best selection of the most popular online games.

Reliable Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Whether you’re an experienced bettors or just starting out and trying your hand at online betting for the first time, these sites should provide easy-to-understand tips and tricks to help you build and refine your strategy.

Place Bet on Tennis with Best Tournament

Cricket, Kabaddi and football might dominate the sports betting industry in India, but savvy punters also know that tennis can provide just as many thrills and winning opportunities. If you are looking for new sports for betting, tennis is a great choice.

Big sports tournament take place throughout the year and there is plenty of information available for selection. One of the most important tips in tennis is to choose the best tournaments. These offer the largest selection of tennis betting markets and generally offer choices with excellent odds.

Here’s a look at the top tennis tournaments to place bet:


Wimbledon was founded in 1877 and is the most prestigious tournament in the world for tennis players. The action takes place in the first two weeks of July in London and is always guaranteed to attract the biggest name in the sport.

Wimbledon is one of four Grand Slams and third on the tour calendar. Several oddities highlight Wimbledon, such as the club’s rules that require players to wear white clothing, as well as the fact that the game takes place on a clean grass field. Due to the popularity of Wimbledon, anyone looking to Wimbledon bets can take advantage of the wide range of markets and the media coverage is extensive, making Wimbledon easy to follow. Many betting website in India also offering opportunity to Wimbledon live odds and Wimbledon live betting option:

Australian Open

Australian open betting is most popular among the punters in India. The Australian Open takes place in the last two weeks of January, making it the first Grand Slam tournament every year. But due to pandemic this major tournament got hampered.  As such, it attracts players who want to make a mark after resting during the Christmas season.

In 1905, the tournament was founded, giving it an excellent pedigree while the action takes place on a hard track. As the Australian Open is the first tournament of the year, it can offer favourable betting opportunities as bookmakers adapt to the current shape of the players.

The French Open/Roland Garros

Founded in 1925, the prestigious competition also attracts the best tennis players in the world. One of the reasons so many top players travel to Roland Garros to compete is to play the French Open tennis court on a clay court – this is the only Grand Slam tournament.

This gives players the opportunity to prove that they can be the best on every surface. The French Open is an event that is broadcast live by many bookmakers, allowing viewers to keep up with the action. The popularity of French Open fascinates Indian punters tennis betting options.

US Open

The final Grand Slam of the season, the US Open has always been a pleasant surprise for tennis lover in India. At this point in the tour, many players are starting to show signs of fatigue and it will be difficult to predict the winner among the best favourites. It can also be quite uncertain, tricky and fun, making it the perfect betting market for those who like to take risks.

It is also a lawn where the underprivileged have performed extremely well. Find the best US Open betting sites in India for real money.

Top 3 Tennis Betting Sites in India

Almost every betting site in the world offers a certain amount of tennis betting, but not all tennis betting sites are created equal. If you are going to bet more on tennis than other sports – you need to join one of the best tennis betting sites!

Listed below are the sites we consider to be the best tennis betting sites in India:

  1. Betway: Easy and beginner-friendly tennis betting site

Of all the great tennis betting sites, we believe Betway is the best of the best. Betway is a betting site that offers an incredible and large selection of different sports including tennis that players can bet on.

Betway is fairly new in India, but has quickly become one of the most visited websites in the country. Betway’s tennis selection is simply incredible. Tennis betting on this site is not limited to Grand Slams but also regular ATP and WTA tournaments. It also includes lower level tour events such as challengers and ITF meetings.

Betway offers its customers the most amazing live tennis odds like ATP odds. In addition to popular markets such as match results, the site also offers unique opportunities such as aces, medical timeouts and line challenges. Betway is very convenient for Indian players. The site accepts Indian rupees and allows us to deposit money in a number of simple ways.

  1. Rabona: Best betting site to place bet on Tennis for beginners

If you’re just beginner on your tennis betting adventure, there’s no better place to start than on Rabona. The smoothness and user-friendly interface, makes Rabona the perfect site for beginners.

Rabona is one of the largest betting brands in the world, but it also has a site designed specifically for Indian players. Here you will find our favorite sports, including cricket, football and tennis. Like all great betting sites in India, Rabona accepts Indian rupees and offers convenient deposit methods like Neteller, Skrill and AstroPay cards. If you are new to Rabona you definetly receive an excellent welcome bonus!

So sign up today on Rabona, claim your bonus and start your bets on Tennis adventure.

  1. Parimatch: Lots of tennis tournaments to bet on

Parimatch has also has live betting option with tennis matches from all over the world. At Parimatch you will find all levels of the sport, up to ITF tournaments. If you need help with your predictions, you can always count on live betting features such as cash withdrawals, in-game statistics and virtual feeds.

This site stands out with its awesome mobile app that greatly helps with live betting and betting on the go. Depositing money into Parimatch is very convenient, there are many popular options available to Indian players.

And when you make a new customer as a new deposit, you are eligible for a 100% welcome bonus. If online tennis betting is your business, we recommend that you register for Parimatch today.

Live Tennis Betting

Live betting is one of the most exciting and innovative form of online sports betting, but even more exciting when the sport is tennis. With its dynamic scoring system and numerous betting options, tennis is tailored for live betting.

When you place a live bet on tennis matches, you can bet on all sorts of options, including points, games, sets and matches. Tennis live betting allows you to change your pre-match bets and make calls based on the status of the match.

Use live betting tools like in-game statistics, virtual live feeds and live streaming to make your predictions more accurate and ultimately win more money. Wimbledon live betting become very popular during the tennis matches especially when nail-biting situation took place.

Tennis Betting Odds

When we talk about the odds of tennis, we mean the amount of money we get when we win a bet. It all depends on the odds. To calculate the number of prizes, you need to multiply the amount of money you want to bet by the odds.

Odds are not a big deal, as if you lose under any conditions, you will lose the money you paid for the bet, no matter what condition you got your money from. Visit the online tennis betting sites and compare the tennis betting odds they offer. Choose the best tennis betting offer for you best tennis odds.

Tips for Betting on Tennis

To potentially maximize your return when betting on tennis, here are some tips to consider.

  • Like other sports, a little research helps a lot, so studying statistics and player forms is an important step.
  • See head-to-head results, comparing aggregate records with recent wins or losses. The market places great emphasis on the current form so that players from illness or injury can be of good value.
  • Learn how players react under pressure. You can offer excellent in-game betting opportunities if you have the right knowledge about which players excel at converting critical breakpoints while others crash.

Is tennis betting legal in India?

Betting and gambling have been the subject of various ethical and moral debates in India, and betting activities have often been in the news because of bad news. So if you are worried about online betting and its legality, you can breathe peacefully as it is legal in India.

According to the Supreme Court of India, online betting is legal in India as long as the service providers are outside India and have an international operating license. This makes it legal for you to bet on tennis on similar websites without having to worry about legal complications. We ensure that you do not run into any legal issues with betting on the websites we compare so that you can fully focus on developing your betting strategy.

Wrap Up

If you are looking for the top tennis betting in India you don’t have to go any further as the search ends here with us. We at Sport Bet Pro compares online betting sites about tennis to help you choose the best bookmaker for tennis in India. You can be sure that there are plenty of opportunities to bet on tennis as a sport online. Find the best tennis betting odds, the best selections and predictions, and more, so sign up with us today.

Create an account to learn more and bet online about your favourite sports online from the comfort of your home.