No GST Online Betting Sites 2024

The Indian government has declared its plan to enforce a 28% GST on online gaming and casinos. The Indian gaming industry is strongly opposing the judgement because they believe it would entirely destroy the sector.

Read the entire article to learn everything about the new GST law and how it will impact the online betting industry in India.

What are the best GST Free Online Betting Sites?

As mentioned above all the foreign-based online sportsbooks are exempted from paying GST to the government. Hence you can choose any of the listed online betting sites:

  1. Parimatch: Fast Mobile Application
  2. JungliWIN: Quick to register
  3. 1XBet: Easy to navigate.
  4. Megapari: Fast withdrawals.
  5. 10Cric: Best for cricket betting.
  6. 22Bet: Regular bonuses and promotions.

You can select any of these sportsbooks for GST free betting in India.

What is GST?

For those who don’t know, GST stands for Goods and Services Tax and it is a successor of VAT (Value Added Tax). It is a Central Government Tax that is implied on sale of goods and services within the nation boundaries. For example if you go to eat in a restaurant, you have to pay a certain amount of GST to them and they pay it to the government.

New GST Rule on Online Gaming & Casinos:

GST is levied on anything produced or sold in the country. The GST Council has decided to charge a 28% tax on online gaming, casinos, and horse racing. This tax will be charged on any money wagered on online gaming, including fantasy games and e-sports. Players will have to pay GST while depositing money and TDS will be deducted while making withdrawals.

The decision was taken at the 50th Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council meeting on Tuesday. Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said “Online gaming, horse racing and casinos will be taxed at 28% (all three activities) and they will be taxed on full face value”. On further questions asked about whether these taxes might destroy the Indian Gaming Industry, she added ”we are not killing any industry, but gaming and gambling cannot be given a treatment lesser than essential industry.”

GST Council at a press meeting in Delhi said “Suitable amendments to be made to law to include online gaming and horse racing in schedule III as taxable actionable claims. Tax will be applicable on  the face value of the chips purchased in the case of casinos, on the full value of the bets placed with bookmaker/totalisator in the case of horse racing and on the full value of the bets placed in case of Online Gaming.”

For example: If you deposit ₹1000, ₹280 will be deducted as GST.

GST on Online Betting Sites?

The big concern is how this tax policy will impact online gambling in India. Well, there is a big relief for the off-shore betting sites as they are completely exempted from this rule. GST will apply to Indian gaming enterprises and e-sports brands, but not to foreign-based online betting platforms.

All of the sites situated out of India can continue to operate in the country like they used to. There will be no deductions if you deposit or withdraw money on these sites.

Is it safe to play at the No GST Online Betting Sites?

No GST online betting sites are located in countries where gambling is legal and regulated by reputable gambling commissions. it is 100% secure and legal to play at GST free betting sites. India follows the Gambling Law of 1867, under which there is no prohibition on foreign-based sites to operate in the country. These sites are properly licensed and follow all the safety measures to provide a safe and legal online betting experience to the users.

Why to choose No GST online betting sites?

The answer is simple – TO SAVE MONEY. No one wants to pay unnecessary tax and this also applies when you are placing wagers on your favourite sport event.

  • No extra deductions: You can deposit and withdraw without paying a single rupee as tax.
  • Bonuses: Apart from no deductions you will also get free bonuses from these sportsbooks that can be used to place bets.
  • Data Security: Your data is 100% safe with these sites. They follow 2FA (2 Factor Authentication, and SSL encryption to keep the player’s identity safe.
  • Legal: These GST free betting sites are legal and you won’t be violating any law while betting on these platforms.

TDS On Online Sports Betting Sites

Although online betting sites are exempted from the new GST norms, you are also free from paying TDS while making withdrawals. However, this is not the same in fantasy sports, and other e-gaming platforms in India. You have to pay 30% TDS on your winnings. It is a certain taxation policy on your winnings from Indian online gaming platforms.

For example, Your winning amount is ₹1,500. The online Indian gaming company will deduct TDS on ₹1,500 at a 30% rate – which is ₹450. So, at last only ₹1050 will be credited as the winning amount.

Offshore Betting Sites

Offshore betting sites means platforms that are based out of India. They are situated in the foreign market and are run through Government Gambling Authorities. These sites offer betting and casino games to Indian players, and hence they are situated in foreign nations that are not abiding by Indian Tax laws.

Why choose offshore online betting sites?

Offshore platforms offer online betting options with real money to players from outside of their country of origin. Therefore, offshore online betting sites are not subject to Indian tax policies, so you are free from paying any GST on deposits and withdrawals.

 Online betting sites also have other benefits as they provide competitive odds, bonuses, and a larger variety of game options than the local Indian platforms. These GST-free betting sites are secure and safe when it comes to depositing money and sharing your personal details with them.

What to look for in offshore online betting sites?

You should look for several things to make sure the site you are choosing is legitimate, and reliable.

  • Reputation: You can read our reviews from experts to get an idea of the casino’s reputation.
  • Licence: Check if the online betting site is licensed from a trusted gambling authority.
  • Security: The casino should follow security measures to protect your personal and financial information.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: The selected site should offer bonuses and promotions to attract new players.
  • Tax Free: Another important factor is to check whether your casino is tax free and do not take any unnecessary taxes on deposit and withdrawals.
  • Customer Support: Customer support should be available to solve all the queries.

Our Verdict:

The new GST policy on online gaming, casinos, and horse betting is going to leave an irreparable impact on these industries. Taking 28% of player’s money as tax will leave them with no other option than leaving the sites. This downfall will lead to several revenue losses,  job losses in the industry, decline in FDI, etc.

If you want to play at an online betting site, it is important to consider the pros and cons of choosing a NO GST betting. If you are looking to save money and have more options, then a GST free betting site may be a good choice for you.


No GST online betting site is an offshore online casino that does not charge GST on player’s deposit and withdrawals. This means you can play at these casinos without paying unnecessary taxes to the government.

These sites are located in countries where gambling is legally regulated by governing bodies. Since, the gambling laws in India are still vague and they do not have provisions for offshore based platforms, it is 100% legal to play at these sites using Indian Currency.

Yes, No GST online betting sites are safe and offer you GST free betting on your favourite sport events across the globe.

There are several benefits to playing at GST free online betting sites. You can save taxes, pay through Indian payment systems, access a wide variety of sports betting options, and get generous bonus offers.

We have mentioned some of the reputable online betting sites operating in the industry. You can access them by clicking on the “PLAY NOW” button.