FOOTBALL Betting Sites

Football is one of the most popular sports. Fanatics can be found in almost every street and around every corner of the world.

Football Betting in India

Football is one of the most popular sports. Fanatics can be found in almost every street and around every corner of the world. This popularity has also resulted in a rapid increase in online football betting in India.

Football betting online is something you need to get behind. If you enjoy playing and watching football, you can now cash in on this passion and win real money!

Best football betting sites in India:

  1. Betway : Best for live football betting
  2. Parimatch: Leading international site for football
  3. 1xBet: Great football odds
  4. 22Bet: Easy to use interface
  5. Fun88: Football betting exchange available
  6. ComeOn: Good promotions for football
  7. 10Cric: UPI available
  8. BetWinner: Available in India
  9. Stake: Crypto Betting
  10. RajaBets: Indian Betting Site
  11. PinUp Bet : Great football betting bonus
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Popular Online Football Betting Sites

Second to cricket in its popularity in India, the love for the game of football is rising in India. And now online football betting in India has never been easier and more convenient for Indian players.

If you are starting football betting in India, here are a few popular leagues you can follow today!

Best sites for football betting:

If you’re an experienced bettor, you know the vital role that bonuses play. A generous bonus allows you to earn profits and place risky bets without staking your own money on online football betting sites.

The Premier League

One of the most closely contested football leagues in the world, the Premier League is nothing short of betting heaven. With some solid teams along with the Big 6, the English top tier offers some brilliant games to bet on and it makes Premier League betting very thrilling and the most popular option for Indians who bet on football.

Some of the biggest names in the Premier League right now are Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, and Chelsea. Underdogs like Leicester, Everton, and West Ham also spice up the competition!

The Bundesliga

If Bayern Munich has tricked you into believing that The Bundesliga is not worth betting on, then you are wrong! Even though they have taken home the title the last eight times, the game is still unpredictable. This makes Bundesliga betting an excellent option for bettors who place bet on online football betting sites.

For instance, if you want to place a bet on the game’s top scorer, you should consider going with Bayern Munich player Robert Lewandowski. However, this is not for certain; other players like Erling Haaland stand a chance too!

La Liga Betting

Another hotspot for bettors who love to place bet on online football betting sites to win big is the Spanish top-flight football, La Liga. Home to some of the greatest icons in football like Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Jan Oblak, it is a promising avenue for gamblers worldwide and it is what makes La Liga betting special.

With top teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid, Spanish football hosts some high-decibel games enjoying huge viewership worldwide.

UEFA Champions League Betting

If you truly wish to experience football betting in India at its peak, then the UEFA Champions League is the place to be!

Hosting the European elite, this knockout tournament involves teams finishing at the top of the table in Europe’s biggest leagues. Each year, the UCL promises bigger and better fixtures between the greats and the underdogs.

Best websites for Football in India

Here are some of the top websites to place football bets in India.


Football betting was all about placing your money on the odds of a team winning or losing a match. However, now there are several different bets you can place depending on the football betting platform you choose.

There are a large number of betting sites available for Indian users. You can start with platforms like Bet365, Betway, and!

Yes, you can bet on ISL. However, this is only possible if the platform you chose has the option available.

Yes, many online football betting websites have welcome bonuses for new bettors. You can claim them very quickly by following the instructions mentioned on the platform.

Yes, football betting websites offer live betting too. You can place bets on the match while it is going on.

Betting platforms in India have a streaming feature that allows you to watch the match on their website itself. However, many popular sports channels also stream the games live on TV.

Besides sports channels, OTT platforms like Hotstar and Sony Liv also broadcast football games. Facebook Watch and Fancode are some other avenues to live stream football matches.

There is no specific way to decide who will win or lose a match. However, you can subscribe to a football predictions website and get your updates from them.

You shouldn’t place bets to make money because there is no certainty with them. If your predictions are correct, then you have a chance of winning money. However, you shouldn’t bank on them always being right!

How To Select The Best Site For Football Betting?

You will come across plenty of online football betting sites to play on. However, it is crucial to select a secure and profitable football live betting website. You must bear in mind some factors while choosing the best live football betting site in India.
  1. Secure Payment Options Using INR

It is better to select a live football betting in India website that accepts payments in Indian rupees. This makes it convenient for you to place football bets, make deposits, as well as withdraw money hassle-free.

  1. Football Live Streaming

Live streaming is quite expensive, and not every website offers it. Thus, it would be best to look for this premium feature in football betting websites before you start betting. There are two platforms that offer live streaming that enhances your live football betting in India experience.

  1. Betting Options

What’s more exciting than a wide array of betting options to choose from! Thus, you must always look for online football betting sites that offer diverse betting options, for instance, different tournaments, players, etc.

  1. Bonuses

Bonuses make our live football betting experience more exciting and profitable. So, you must indulge in football betting online on platforms that offer generous bonuses. Most importantly, the website you choose must offer a hefty welcome bonus.

Many online football betting sites, such as Betway, 22Bet, etc., offer exciting bonuses that you can claim after signing up.

  1. Mobile Football Betting

Football betting apps make for a hassle-free live football betting experience. Apps make football betting accessible to people on the go. Some of the best football betting apps are 22Bet, Betway,

  1. Live Betting

Live football betting is exceptionally thrilling and allows you to place bets in real-time alongside a live match. Thus, you should settle only for websites that offer you this exciting feature.

Betting With INR

The online football betting sites are known for their ease of access, secure payment methods, and acceptance of Indian rupees. Betting with Indian rupees is highly convenient for bettors in India since it allows seamless deposits and withdrawals.

The best football betting platforms in India  are:

  1. Parimatch
  2. Betway

The key benefits of placing football bets on these platforms are:

  • Secure payments using INR
  • Huge welcome bonuses
  • Fast payouts
  • Wide-range of betting options
  • Live football betting
  • Mobile betting options
Parimatch Chelsea

Mobile Football Betting

Earlier, bettors were compelled to contact bookmakers and conduct thorough research before placing live bets. Now, the times have changed, and so have betting methods.

With the increasing popularity of football betting in India, mobile football betting apps have gained prominence. These apps offer a seamless user experience teamed with exciting features and secure betting options.

22Bet, Betway, Comeon!, and are some of the best football betting apps available for bettors in India.

Besides premium features and a user-friendly experience, mobile football betting apps come with the following benefits:

  • Multi-tasking: You can use your smartphone for more than one task simultaneously. This means that while you’re placing real-time football bets, you can also use other apps with ease.Convenience: football betting in India on mobile allows you to place bets anytime and anywhere. All you need is a smartphone and a steady internet connection, and you’re good to go!Promotions and Bonuses: One of the biggest perks of placing football betting in India on mobile applications is that you’re constantly showered with bonuses and promotions. What’s more, many platforms provide exclusive offers for app users, which makes the live football betting experience even better!Secure Payment Methods: Mobile apps offer a more secure platform to place bets on. Additionally, the best football betting apps in India accept payments in INR and also allow UPI and e-wallet transactions. This makes for an effortless betting experience.Betting Options: Most football betting apps offer an array of betting options to choose from. From top football leagues to star players, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice on these fantastic apps.

Best Bonuses

If you’re an experienced bettor, you know the vital role that bonuses play. A generous bonus allows you to earn profits and place risky bets without staking your own money.

A welcome bonus is one of the most popular bonuses offered by live football betting platforms. You can claim this bonus after signing up to a football betting website or mobile app. There are three kinds of welcome bonuses by online football betting sites that one can claim:


Deposit Bonus: This kind of bonus increases your bankroll and lets you place more bets, and ultimately earn more profits by placing football betting in India.

No-Deposit Bonus: This bonus is not very common since it does not require players to make a deposit on online football betting However, some sites like Jeetwin Casino offer no-deposit bonuses to new members.

Free Bet Welcome Bonus: This type of bonus allows players to make free bets without any wagering requirements. So, if you win the football betting in India you placed, you can keep a percentage of the profits!

If you’re looking to claim the best bonuses, you can check out websites like Betway, Purewin etc!

Live Football Betting

Nothing beats the excitement of a live football match. Live football betting adds to the thrill while allowing bettors to place bets on their favorite players and leagues and earn real money. The best football betting websites in India allow bettors to place bets in real-time along with live updates, match analysis, key statistics, etc.

Some of the best football gambling sites in India are 22Bet, Fun88, Betway and Parimatch. These websites offer fantastic bonuses and promotions, live betting options, secure payment methods, and mobile betting options.

So, if you’re yet to experience the exciting world of online football betting in India, have your pick among the best live football betting sites and get playing!

Deposit and Withdraw at Online Football Betting Site in India

In order to avoid the challenges posed by banks getting nervous about gambling-related transactions, mostly, Indian betting lovers use e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller to deposit and withdraw online football betting sites.

They can use a credit card or electronic bank transfers. Once your account has been funded, you can transfer the amount to betting sites. You can also withdraw money on websites for football betting in India. This is a great way to move money between online bookmakers, but if you’re ready to get some of your winnings back in cash, your e-wallet can send the funds back to your bank account.

Perhaps the best e-wallet choice for Indians is the Skrill. They have been in business since 2001, are well regulated in the UK, have more than 18 million customers worldwide, and have an account currency of Indian Rupee (INR). Given that all deposits and withdrawals will be “Skrill”, as opposed to the name of the online football betting sites, the bank has no idea that these are gambling transactions.

Indian banks process hundreds of Skrill transactions a day that have nothing to do with football betting in India. In short, it’s a great way to make online transactions completely anonymous.

Football Betting Odds

When placing a bet online on any football betting site, it is important that you find the best football betting odds to maximize your profits. This means you need to find a football betting site that consistently offers competitive odds.

As any betting player knows, the higher the odds, the more they win. With this in mind, we always recommend that you register on at least three or four different online football betting sites. This allows you to check the available football betting in India odds for each match you are about to bet on.

After checking your real-time football betting odds, you can place your bet on the highest-odds betting page for that match. Although the slight difference in betting odds doesn’t seem like a huge difference, over time that difference adds up and becomes a lot of money you could have won! Therefore, you should always look for higher odds.

It is virtually impossible to find just an online football betting site that always offers the best betting odds. However, if you don’t want to juggle between multiple football betting sites, we have a recommendation for you.

Tips to Follow Before Placing Bet on Football Betting Site

While we will not give you the exact bets on this page, we will look at the things to consider before making online football betting in India. The better you can use these tips to find your own value bets, the easier and more profitable the betting experience will be.

Research and Analysis

Probably the most important thing when it comes to football is research and analysis. If you are interested in football betting in India on smaller leagues such as I-League, great value is available. Again, as mentioned, the limits are smaller, but it is a compromise. Major leagues such as the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga are full markets today. These make it difficult to gain an advantage over the bookmaker. But in countries where football is not the main sport, tournaments become an absolute goldmine for those who do the best research.

Study the Form (Team/Player)

Football betting in India is a bit like a horse race, you have to determine how the two teams you want to bet on have done in the last few matches. Look at things like goals scored, goals scored, if that shows some sort of correlation, go to the “Total Goals” market and see if something that seems like a good bet is available.

If possible, read reviews of previous matches, this can provide better insight into the game for the team as a whole. Not scoring a goal for a week isn’t sure they’ll create a chance yet. Look as deeply into the games as possible to find a solid bet.

Know Your Football Betting Markets

There are literally hundreds of markets to bet on in every single football game. Some are extremely vague, but if you learn about them and know what each bookmaker has to offer when you come to research, things may just jump out.

For example, many bookmakers offer comprehensive “corner betting” markets. Be it the corners, the first halves, the total number of corners achieved in a stage of the game, and so on. If you know that these markets exist and read the match report for a high-angle game, you’ll immediately realize you have to go and see if there are value bets on these suitable markets.

Avoid Cup Games

Well, at least take a close look at these games before you bet. Cup games come as a surprise year after year. They have the opportunity for smaller troops to confront higher-level opposition. Larger teams are more likely to set up a weak team, making the playing fields much smoother. Therefore, before placing football betting in India, you need to make sure you know the team’s starting eleven.

If you’re really smart, it can be a good hunting ground for one or two nervous people. But the unpredictability of the games makes it a nightmare for serious betting players.