Asia Cup Winners List

Asia Cup Champions: A Look at the Asia Cup Winners List from 1984

Started by the Asian Cricket Council the Asia Cup is one of most competitive tournaments in the cricketing world. The league was founded in 1983 and the first tournament was played in 1984. It was started to promote goodwill and quality cricket among the Asian nations.

In this article we will have a closer look at the winners of all the Asia Cups being played so far since 1984. India is the most successful nation having 7 titles followed by Sri Lanka and Pakistan having 6 and 2 titles respectively.

Team Name Winner Runner-up Winning Year
India 7 3 1984, 1988, 1991, 1995, 2010, 2016, 2018
Sri Lanka 6 6 1986, 1997, 2004, 2008, 2014, 2022
Pakistan 2 3 2000, 2012
Bangladesh 3

Asia Cup Winners List:

1994 – INDIA

Venue – UAE

The first Asia Cup was played between India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka in a round robin format. India was unbeatable by defeating both Pakistan and Sri Lanka and lifted the first-ever Asia Cup Title.

1986 – SRI LANKA

Venue – Sri Lanka

India had not participated in this season due to some strained relations with Sri Lanka. The host Lankan side won the tournament by defeating Pakistan by 5 wickets and lifted their first Asia Cup Title.

1988 – INDIA

Venue – Bangladesh

India once again participated in the Asia Cup, this time it was played between 4 countries where India emerged victorious defeating Sri Lanka by 6 wickets.

1990-91 – INDIA

Venue – India

The Indian team hosted the 4th Asia Cup and won the season by defeating Sri Lanka in the finals by 7 wickets.

1995 – INDIA

Venue – UAE

Once again the Indian team won the title by beating Sri Lanka in the finals with 8 wickets and 49 balls remaining.

1997 – SRI LANKA

Venue – Sri Lanka

The 1997 Asia Cup was won by Sri Lanka, they defeated former champions by 8 wickets and 79 balls remaining.


Venue – Bangladesh

It was the first time when Pakistan joined the Asia Cup winners list. They won the Asia Cup by defeating Sri Lanka in the final by 39 runs. It was the first time where India had not qualified for the finals.

2004 – SRI LANKA

Venue – Sri Lanka

Third Asia Cup title came for Lanka when they defeated the Indian side in the final played at Colombo. Sri Lanka won the match by 25 runs.

2008 – SRI LANKA

Venue – Pakistan

It was the first time when the tournament was held in Pakistan where Sri Lanka won their 4th title by defeating India with a big margin of 100 runs.

2010 – INDIA

Venue – Sri Lanka

In this season, India became the first team to win five Asia Cup titles. The final was once again commenced between India and Sri Lanka where India won by 81 runs.


Venue – Bangladesh

Pakistan won their second and last title in this season of Asia Cup. It was the first time when Bangladesh reached the finals of Asia Cup where it was defeated by just 2 runs.

2014 – SRI LANKA

Venue – Bangladesh

Once again the tournament was played against Bangladesh where Sri Lanka appeared as final winners defeating Pakistan by 5 wickets.

2016 – INDIA

Venue – Bangladesh

The 2016 season was played in the T20 format where India won their 6th Asia Cup title in 2016. The final match was against Bangladesh where India won by 8 wickets remaining.

2018 – INDIA

Venue – UAE

India won their 7th title of Asia Cup by beating Bangladesh in the finals with 3 wickets remaining.

2022 – SRI LANKA

Venue – UAE

This season was played in the T20 format and  It was the sixth title win for Sri Lanka. Lanka defeated Pakistan in the final game by 23 runs, played at Dubai International Stadium.

2023 – ?

Pakistan and Sri Lanka are combinedly hosting the 16th edition of the Asia Cup season. The matches will be played from Aug 30 with the finals commencing on Sunday, 17th September.